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Munch, munch... here comes your lunch!

And much more!

Munch, munch... here comes your lunch!

And much more!

About us

Apple Tree Nutrition is an innovative lunch service provider. We deliver freshly cooked, quality lunches and cold pressed juices to homes and workplaces in Malta. We provide you with 4 different meal options. Every day you can choose from: Office, Vegetarian, Diet or Training Menu. In addition to your lunch you can also order our freshly pressed juices.

Healthy nutrition is essential to give you the focus and stamina you need each day. Nowadays, with our busy lifestyles, it's getting harder and harder to take that time to prepare a balanced set of meals. We at Apple Tree Nutrition help you out and contribute to completing this task by serving delicious and healthy meals straight to your home or workplace. Our company serves freshly cooked, quality lunches in microwavable containers. We add a complimentary piece of fruit to each of your meals and do not charge for delivery.

We aim to offer you a great variety of nutritious meals and this is why we change our menu every two weeks. Why to cook, when you can spend your time some better way. Save your time and energy! Simply order your lunch from Apple Tree Nutrition and have it delivered on daily basis, without needing to leave your home or office.


Office Menu

Fresh and energizing lunches just like at home.

Vegetarian Menu

Nutritious vegetarian meals.

Diet Menu

Low calorie meals up to 500 kcal, for those in need of a lighter meal.

Training Menu

Nutritious option for those physically active, working towards their fitness goals.

How to order

  1. Register or sign in.
  2. Choose your lunches. You can order for as many days as you would like to, or for two weeks in advance.
  3. Confirm and send your order.
  4. Choose payment method.
  5. Make the payment.

Note: Send your order at latest a day before by noon (12:00). Should you like to make any changes or cancel your order for any of the days, you will need to do it by 12:30 the day before your order is due.

How to change or cancel your order

  1. Sign in.
  2. Go to “my order”.
  3. Edit or cancel your order.
  4. Confirm your order and make payment as required.

Note: You can cancel or make changes to your order by 5pm the day before your order is due.

Corporate order

Apple Tree Nutrition believes that taking a good care of your people is smart business.
We will boost your team's energy levels and improve their health. It’s hard to put a price on a healthy team.
Our fresh and nutrient-rich lunches will give your employees the focus and stamina they need to finish the day strong. With us you can put your mind at rest knowing that your team doesn’t have to rush out of the office to grab some food.
We guarantee that your team will appreciate having healthy and interesting meals delivered directly to your workplace.

Bring Apple Tree Nutrition lunch service to your Office!


100% Cold Pressed Juices now available next to your lunch order. Fruits and vegetables are packed with natural substances that are good for us, such as vitamins, minerals, fiber, phytonutrients and enzymes.
Do not miss out on that! Let us juice you up!

We present you with the following cold pressed juice selection:

Zesty Orange

Truly re-energizing!
(orange, grapefruit, carrot, apple, ginger)

Simply Red

Smooth strength booster!
(apple, beetroot, lemon, carrot, banana)

Cool Yellow

Refreshing and uplifting!
(pineapple, orange, apple, lemon, mint)

Easy Green

Pure Hydration!
(cucumber, kiwi, celery, pear, mint)

Available sizes:
250ml - €3.45
330ml - €3.95
500ml - €4.95

Order a fresh, 100% Cold Pressed Juice with your lunch.  Our juices are not pasteurized and can be kept refrigerated up to 3 days. JUICE AT ITS BEST!